Accelerating the movement of retail banks from traditional banking systems to modern technology-driven banking.

Framing omnichannel strategies to create new experiences and new engagement models to simplify core-banking processes, billing system, retail deposits, and ATM & debit card issue process.

Here is a snapshot of how we are evolving the BFSI landscape.


Utilizing our rich experience in re-engineering and reverse engineering aged core banking systems to build digital corporate banking solutions that stabilize the systems, eliminate production outages, and bring business agility.

Providing secure mobile banking solutions that enable corporate banks to cater to customer demands for loans, cards, mortgage, and global funds transfer.


Developing AI-powered virtual assistants with Alexa integration for faster and smoother banking transactions.

Leveraging predictive and neural analytics to develop rules to identify credit/debit card fraudulent behavior and prevent money laundering.

Integrating automation with baking functionalities to automate back-office functions, card activation, payment through IoT enabled smart contracts, etc.


Developing blockchain-based unique digital signature for KYC and other verifications to help detect, prevent and report AML activities.

Automating the manual compliance report generation process for PCI, FDIC, and FFIEC to respond quickly and efficiently to the privacy, disclosure & anti-usury risks, and improve the operational efficiency.