Retail & Consumer Products


Developing eCommerce portals with multi-lingual, multi-payment gateway for seamless, augmented shopping experience.

Integrating various IT systems such as PoS, ERP, CMS, etc. for simplified backend processing.

Expertise in catalog management, vendor management, customer service management, and order management.

Merging customer data, transaction data, inventory data, and catalog content to deliver consistent brand experience across channels.

Developing next-gen multi-channel single code based applications compatible with most of the platforms and devices.

Integrating the mobile applications with secured payment gateways to avoid fraudulent transactions.


Developing intuitive interfaces with cross-platform compatibility.

Consumer-focused technology stack encapsulating the latest Web 2.0 stack, ensuring high performance and scalable architecture leading to customer stickiness.

Providing best in class Middleware/SOA, Testing and SAP services.

Offering an end-to-end array of services across the retail value chain, from vendor management & planning to supply chain activities via CRMs, ERPs, data warehousing, and store operation management.